R&D Engineer

Hassan Abul

  • Kuwait


  • KWD 3500 - KWD per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Position Title: Research and Development (R&D) Specialist

Job Description:

The Research and Development (R&D) Specialist plays a pivotal role in identifying business gaps within the woodworking factory and recommending actionable solutions for improvement. This position involves conducting market research, analyzing existing products, collaborating with other departments, and actively contributing to the creation of mockups and cost estimations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Stay updated on market trends by conducting research to identify business opportunities and obtain designs for specific products.

2. Produce and submit timely 3D renders for review by top management.

3. Analyze receivable requirements to request the appropriate quantity of raw materials.

4. Regularly analyze product details and hardware to identify areas for development and recommend improvement solutions.

5. Determine the quantity of hardware and accessories required, obtaining samples from the procurement department.

6. Generate production shop drawings based on client requirements, ensuring adherence to standard quality.

7. Follow design procedures within the company, considering production machine capabilities.

8. Collaborate closely with the production department to manufacture mockups with high quality and on schedule.

9. Assist in preparing pricing and cost estimations in collaboration with the estimation division.

10. Add and launch new/existing products within the existing standard range after approval.

11. Develop existing products by identifying areas for improvement and ensuring compliance with standard quality.

12. Stay current with trends in similar industries and new products to identify new business opportunities.

Skills Required:

1. Bachelor’s degree in design, interior design, architecture, or a relevant discipline is required.

2. Minimum 5-7 years of experience in a similar field, especially in the furniture and wood industries.

3. Proficiency in AutoCAD and 3D software, including PYTHA, 3DMAX, etc.

4. Previous experience in various hardware and installing accessories options is a must.

5. Strong attention to detail and analytical skills for identifying areas of development and proposing improvement solutions.

6. Ability to develop existing products and systems through research and action planning.

7. In-depth knowledge of required raw materials, hardware, and accessory finalization for manufacturing.

8. Experience in managing complex engineering tasks in collaboration with other engineering and business support functions.

9. Outstanding analytical thinking skills for conducting market research and identifying business gaps.

10. Excellent critical thinking, attention to detail, and presentation skills.


Bachelor’s degree in design, interior design, architecture, or a relevant discipline.


Minimum 5-7 years in a similar field, especially in the furniture and wood industries.

This role requires a candidate with a strong background in design, extensive experience in the furniture and wood industries, and the ability to contribute effectively to the development and improvement of products. If you meet the specified criteria and are eager to drive innovation within our organization, we encourage you to apply.

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