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Job Description

Job Title: Accountability Coordinator
Job Type: Full-time

Job Description:

We are currently seeking a dedicated and experienced Accountability Coordinator to join our team at [Company Name]. The Accountability Coordinator will play a crucial role in designing and implementing accountability checklists, handling and monitoring feedback and complaints, ensuring information sharing and community participation, and promoting staff competency in accountability-related matters. The ideal candidate should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Social Work, or a related field, along with 3-5 years of experience. Excellent English and Arabic language skills, both written and spoken, are essential for this role.

Core Responsibilities:

Design and Implementation of Accountability Procedures:
1. Design and implement accountability checklists to ensure compliance with field-level accountability procedures.
2. Provide narrative updates on accountability activities for donors and internal reports.
3. Develop a monthly complaints and feedback report, gathering feedback from MEL activities and accountability focal points.
4. Ensure feedback and complaints tools and mechanisms are accessible to all stakeholders, maintaining confidentiality and impartiality.
5. Conduct regular field spot checks to monitor accountability-related issues and responses in field locations.

Handling and Monitoring Feedback and Complaints:
1. Oversee/monitor JRF-related accountability activities, conducting regular field spot checks.
2. Work closely with MEL and program teams to ensure coherent data collection processes.
3. Respond to beneficiary complaints and feedback, making records and reporting back for further processing.
4. Report complaints in a timely manner to the Institutional Development (ID) Department.
5. Collaborate with program teams to address complaints related to implementation and service delivery.
6. Conduct regular feedback and information sessions to ensure awareness of proper channels for reporting.

Information Sharing and Community Participation:
1. Ensure beneficiaries and stakeholders have access to timely, relevant, and clear information about JRF projects.
2. Design and develop accountability information materials, including leaflets, cards, signs, videos, etc.
3. Obtain proper consent from all beneficiaries.

Ensuring Staff Competency:
1. Conduct regular Feedback and Complaints Mechanism and Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS) training for JRF staff.
2. Identify accountability-related training needs of staff and partners, contributing to the development of new training materials.
3. Raise awareness and build the capacity of staff and partner CBOs on JRF’s Safeguarding policy.

External and Internal Coordination:
1. Represent JRF as the primary accountability focal point (along with the ID).
2. Participate in UNHCR Hotline Focal Point Working Group or other accountability working groups if needed.

- Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Social Work, or a related field.
- 3-5 years of experience.
- Excellent English and Arabic language skills (written and spoken).

If you are passionate about accountability, community participation, and ensuring the voices of beneficiaries are heard, we invite you to apply for this impactful role. Join us in promoting transparency, trust, and accountability within our organization.

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